This past weekend was the 33rd annual Yuma Art Symposium in Arizona.  The event featured lectures, workshops, and a Saturday night dance fiesta complete with hand made flour tortillas. YUM.  The legendary File, Saw and Solder relay race also took place on Saturday. Teams of three, usually but not necessarily skilled in metal work, convert the making of a simple ring into an exciting sports event. The old idiom proves true with this crowd. WORK hard, PLAY hard.

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BOB & KAT Very Spontaneous Exhibition

In keeping with the spirit of lightheartedness, Our Dear Bob Ebendorf and Kat Cole scavenged the streets of Yuma for material for a small installation on Madison Avenue behind the Blue Dumpster. A great success.

All of us that attended the Yuma symposium left creatively charged, with pockets full of charms and new contacts. If you have not been before, it is totally worth saving the date for next year.  From all of us at ECU, we thank the Yuma Symposium Coordinating Board, Friends of Yuma, and Yuma Fine Arts Association for welcoming us into their homes. There are many more pictures and memories to share from Yuma, the experience was too grand to sum in one post. Thanks for reading. *Laritza G.

YUMA- Pin Swap

I am happy to report from the 33rd Yuma Art Symposium- there is a grand total of FOURTEEN of ECU faces representing the east coast!  Day one was dedicated to thrift shopping, eating tacos and the Pin Swap, all outstanding.

Here are a few images from the Symposium Pin Swap. For those of you unfamiliar with this shindig- the pin swap is a casual trade of pins amongst symposium participants. The materials vary and the creativity soars.

I gladly participated in the pin swap and gathered a nice collection. 

Delayney Smith- In”vested” in jewelry.

Long Beach representing.

ECU alumni (Smiley) Autumn Brown, who is coordinating “Show Your Stuff”- an opportunity to publicly talk about your work with feedback from audience in a hundred year old theater. Light, community oriented slide show for all to enjoy. More to come as the Yuma Symposium continues, thanks for reading. -*Laritza G.


The ECU gang is gearing up for a Wednesday departure towards Yuma Arizona for the 2012 Art Symposium.  There are so many of us going I have lost count, but here is a few that come to mind: Kat Cole, Abigail Heus, Rachel  Q, Autumn Brown, Tara Locklear, Leia Zumbro, Ken Bova & Bob Ebendorf. We are look forward to a weekend of creative nourishment. 

The Yuma Symposium is a series of demonstrations, lectures and slide presentations given by both internationally recognized and emerging artists who have demonstrated unusual talent. Activities include an exhibit of work by presenters and a student show, the National Saw, File, & Solder Sprints, the annual pin auction, shopping and eating in Algodones, Mexico, and a fiesta and dance on Saturday night.

This year’s line up includes two of ECU stars. Bob is leading a metals workshop titled God, Mother and Apple Pie. I am sure that it will blow air up people’s skirts and leave them reeling for more of Bob’s savvy technical tricks.

Marlene True led a fabulous workshop in January for Material Topics, and she is out to once again to share her wealth of knowledge.  Her workshop is the Element of Surprise. This is my first time at Yuma, and I could not be in better company. Thanks for reading. *Laritza G.

Thanks to Laritza Garcia for posting all the great images of the ECU metals gang! If you haven’t had a chance to check out the exhibition in the Wellington B. Gray gallery you have until February 18th to still see some amazing work.  Just in case you won’t be able to make it in person here is a link to some images of the exhibit.





ECU Rat Pack, continued…

Here is a continued look of the fabulous talent at ECU.  Click on images for links to individual blogs.

Abigail Heuss

Abigail will be graduating this May.  Her show will be epic!

Tara “mama” Locklear

Tara is a fierce undergraduate in the Metals program.  She had an integral part in making the professional practice component of the metal’s symposium.

Audrey Peck

Audrey has a wonderful sensibility towards wood carving.  The image on the right is the printed version of the left.

Dejan Jovanovic

Dejan will also be graduating this May.  We will miss his boisterous personality around the studio.

This profile could not be complete without our FAB FIVE: Linda Darty, Mi-Sook Hur, Bob Ebendorf, Tim Lazure & Ken Bova.

Our next big adventure will be traveling to the Yuma Symposium at the end of February.  ECU will be representing in full force, if you see us around, say HELLO! Until then, Happy Working!


All of us here are ECU are finally starting to recover from this year’s Material Topics Symposium.  We rode that wave long and hard, met many new faces and had lots of laughs. We all hope that the connections we made are lasting, and in that spirit, here is a good look at the profiles of a few of us here in Greenville NC.

“Exquisite Corpse”

I had a fantastic time during Material Topics, and am so thankful for all those that came out for this event.  I am now starting my last year at ECU super charged with creative fuel.

Laritza Garcia

Steven just recently joined the ECU family, and we are all very happy to have such a creative member amongst us.

Tina Lazzarine

Tina was one of the organizers for the fabulous Art of Influence Exhibitions.

Rachel “Q”

Dejan Jovanovic

Josh Craig

Josh wears many hats, he curates the Mendenhall Student Center at ECU, and also coordinated the Art of Influence Exhibition.


DJ is one of our new and hot rock stars, click on her image to check out her company Axe to Grind Designs.

Kat Cole

Our lovely Kat will be graduating this semester.  We all look forward to her show in the spring.

Lisette Fee

Ms. Fee is fabulous. She is the an undergraduate with a purpose, and is our Metal’s Guild President. Click on her image to check out her super sweet blog.

We hope to continue to grow our metals family, it has been an absolute pleasure to meet so many giving individuals. More profiles to come soon, until then, happy working.

Fabricatin’ machine

I wanted to quickly post a picture of work by the Fabulous Tina Lazzarine.  Her piece is entitled Hope.  Enjoy.

East Carolina to Host Third Annual Material Topics Symposium

The East Carolina University Metal Design department is pleased to announce the third annual Material Topics symposium will take place on the campus of ECU in January of 2012.  We have an exciting line up of presenters in store for you this year and we are humbled at the speed with which this event has grown since ECU alumnus Laura Wood envisioned it three years ago.  Material Topics: Merging Methods  will feature lectures and workshops from the following presenters.

Angela Bubash

Amy Tavern

David Huang

Lisa Clague

Jean Campbell

Renee Zettle-Sterling

Masako Onodera

Marlene True

NC Black (Adrea Kenningotn and Les Bryant)

For more information about East Carolina University Metal Design Material Topics symposium please visit–  Ecusymposium.wordpress.com

For more information about the East Carolina University Metal Design program, just check back here regularly.


ECU Metals

Cupcake Jungle: A poptimistic collaboration

Cupcake Jungle came to a close today, and while hurricane Irene brought an unceremonious end to the closing reception, the collaboration between Laritza Garcia, Joshua Craig, and Kyle Rees resulted in a bright, fun, and fresh exhibit of sugary sweet bowls in porcelain and metal.  The exhibition which took place at the Mendenhall Gallery on the campus of East Carolina University ran from Aug 1st through the 29th.  Parties interested in showing or purchasing the work should contact Joshua Craig at craigjo10@students.ecu.edu.

Here are a  few photographs of works in the exhibit.  There will be more to come, enjoy!

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Hello world!

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P.S.  If you accidentally stumbled on this blog looking for information about the East Carolina University Material Topics symposium don’t worry.  Though this blog is not affiliated with the Material Topics symposium per se we will update content back and forth between the sites.

Looking for the symposium?  –Simply go to ecusymposium.wordpress.com

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